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To Shandon for a queer tarot reading with queer tarot cards in a cute city park

Cork Midsummer is a feast of alternate culture.
And this year ‘s program is among the most interesting however, especially in case you like divining wisdom, great music, delicious food, queer theatre, and the great outdoors.

Curated by Abbey Blake and created by Arann Blake of punk band Pretty Happy in cooperation with LGBTQ+ artists from Cork city, Quare is shooting over St Anne’s Park in Shandon from 2pm to 6pm on Sunday, June 19th, 2022.

“Happenings in the park consist of an amazing visual art story trail featuring radio play style stories by queer individuals.” express the organisers.

“An intriguing fortune teller invites you to pick up the queer Tarot reading of yours with uniquely created queer tarot cards by artist Emer Kiely. Cork artist Padraic Barrett and theatre maker Rosa Mäkelä present playful carnival style installations & video games, while Plugd Records will spin tunes for the afternoon.”

Regional innovative guest and collaborations artist appearances ensure lots of fun for any age and also delicious treats will be served by vendors which are local that The Goodness of mine and Volcano Pizza.

The day is going to culminate in a musical performance by several of Cork’s finest artists including Elaine Malone, I Dreamed I Dream, and Kevin Terry.

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